Godless America Mixtape Vol. 3 (Cassette Store Day 2016)


This year we are back for another International Cassette Store Day. We have hand-crafted a special artisanal mixtape overstuffed with non-GMO organic hot butter jams. Look for it October 8th 2016 in a Cassette Store near you. If they don’t have it tell them their ass better call somebody. Limited edition of 100 cassettes available in stores & online.

Featuring songs by:

Fever Hands(Jacksonville,FL)
Sad Jeremy(Gainesville,FL)
Pasty Cline(Orlando,FL)
Radicalized Youth(Orlando,FL)
Model T and the Shivs(Bangor,ME)
Mythological Horses(Seattle,WA)
The Grizzly Atoms(Orlando,FL)
Tiwa(Los Angeles,CA)
Jonathon David(Melbourne,FL)
Martian Conspiracy Theory(Selinsgrove,PA)

Weekly Update 9/6/2016

Super Soaked

How’s it flowing freaks? It’s now September which is always nuts because I happened to know an awful lot of Virgos and Libras. So the celebrations never seem to end which is always a fitting way to close out a hot and sweaty Summer.

Radicalized Youth - 'Extended Play' EP
Radicalized Youth – ‘Extended Play’ EP

Speaking of things coming to a close the boys in Radicalized Youth are just about ready to unleash the ‘Extended Play’ EP on the world this 9/11. So look for a tasty streaming track in the next few days from us. Plus the release party is happening at Anti False Flag Fest here in Orlando. Just $9 gets you the whole day of bands, vegan & non-vegan grub, Beer from the keg plus some Scared Owls swag. The Rad Boys will be there slinging Shirts and Tapes. Come out and help us celebrate why dank memes melt steel beams.Anti False Flag Fest

In other news we will be participating in Cassette Store Day again this year. We will be releasing our Godless America Mixtape Vol. 3 for the occasion. Stay tuned to find out just what freaks will be in the mix this time.

Cassette Store Day 2016

Heat on the Streets Report:

9/7/2016 – Punk on the Patio w/ Brunch Sluts, Palmettes, and Manic & The Depressives(Last Show!) @ The Patio
9/10/2016 – The Woolly Bushmen, Autarx, The Xandras, and Palmettes @ Will’s Pub
9/11/2016 – Anti False Flag Fest w/ Sacred Owls, Radicalized Youth, CHEW, Sun Signs, In Oculus, Pizza Nightmare, D.N.A., The Jodones, Bubble Boys, Worm Food, Laghima, NiceVille Band, The Filthy Dix, NFG Fighter, Lesha Marie, and Will Brack. @ 719 23rd St.

Weekly Update 8/23/2016


We’ve been slacking on updates for the past week or two mainly because I’ve been slammed putting the final touches on our next release Radicalized Youth ‘Extended Play’ EP. On top of that we just wrapped on the music video for ‘Majoring in Nothing’ off the tape. We got together with Zampano Films for the project we all had blast making the video. Although a few days ago Dusty (a.k.a. the great Zampano) was a victim of a break-in which lead to him losing many of tools needed to create including thousands of dollars in cameras and lenses. They like most people weren’t thinking about things like renter’s insurance and the like until something tragic like this happens. They have a gofundme up right now and it’s already raised quite a bit of scratch so we urge you donate if you can. Luckily our footage was not lost in heist but due to the loss of computers for editing we can’t really say when the world will get to see the final product.


What we can say is that we hope you don’t forget this September 11th to go to the 9/11 Anti-False Flag Fest in Orlando. There is gonna be vegan food, Meats, kegs of beer, and tons of Woke AF bands like Radicalized Youth, Sacred Owls, CHEW, Sun Signs, Pizza Nightmare, Timothy Eerie…. and more. This will be the release show for ‘Extended Play’ so get there early to get all the things.

The heat on the streets this week.
8/25/2016 – Talk Sick Brats, Tight Genes, Manic & The Depressives @ Uncle Lou’s
8/26/2016 – The Areolas last show for awhile @ Copper Rocket Pub
8/27/2016 – Ugly Orange Presents: Death Tremors, Evil Virgins, Steven Marshek Group @ Spacebar
8/27 2016 – Autarx, Brunch Sluts, Burn to Learn, 2real @ Uncle Lou’s

Weekly Update 8/10/2016

Blow SmokeSo running a little behind with the update this week. My schedule just changed around so I’m still getting used to this new groove. Not to mention one of the cats I share a house with passed the other day. I had the unfortunate task of pronouncing him gone. Which is never a good way to start your morning so I’m still kinda dealing with that in my own way. Anyone that knows me knows how much I love the kitties so it’s never easy losing a friend be that human or animal. R.I.P. Bernard “Barn Yard”

Radicalized Youth
Radicalized Youth

On a lighter note this is the weekend I’ve personally been putting a lot of planning into thinking up rituals and other funny and strange things to have or friends and fam do during the final day of shooting for Radicalized Youth‘s first music video. We have partnered with Zampano Films to put together a real feast for the eyes. This Saturday there will be an Illuminati themed BBQ in Orlando open to anyone savvy enough to figure out how to get the address. This will be for a song off their anticipated debut E.P. ‘Extended Play’ due out 9/11 on Godless America. Then keep an eye out for them around Florida in Fall/Winter. You’ll have to wait till Spring 2017 before they spread their wings on the open road.

As far as events this week since I got a late jump on this I’m gonna opt out this week cause I kinda hit where you should be in that last update.

Weekly Update 8/3/2016


Clocking in a little late this week but what can you do. We have reached peak Summer as the temperatures climb so do we up and out. Our friends and fam Room Full of Strangers will be part of the special features of an upcoming documentary Boy Howdy: The Story of Creem Magazine. The kickstarter is almost over they are fully funded but there are still some stretch goals you could get in on. All very exciting stuff. Also in Strangers news they are gearing up to record their next record with Frank Secich up in Youngstown,OH. They will be doing a few dates on the way out there then laying down new tracks for the new record.

Room Full of Strangers Dates:
8/12/2016 – Kick Off Party @ Spacebar Orlando,FL
8/18/2016 – w/ Pleather, Sm Brown, Car Crash Star @ Local 506 Chapel Hill,NC
8/19/2016 – @ The Empty Glass Charleston,WV
8/20/2016 – w/ Frank Secich @ Cedars West End Youngstown,OH

Speaking of exciting Summer time fun Radicalized Youth are hosting an Illuminati themed BBQ for the final day of shooting for their upcoming debut music video. This will be for a song off their first EP due out on Godless America this September. So if you live in or around Orlando and want to be in a music video and generally just get down. You should totally click going to this event.Radicalized Youth

Also hitting the road this month our favorite beer soaked fam Tight Genes are hitting the East Coast. These bathroom babies will be tearing up a shithole near you for the next two weeks. So if you are in one of these affected towns do yourself a favor and see this band.Tight Genes

Tight Genes Dates:
8/6/2016 – w/ Cray Bags, Death Stuff, Feeding Tube @ Sulfur Studios Savannah,GA
8/7/2016 – w/ Natural Causes, Sweet Knives, Josh Cotterino @ The Cave Chapel Hill,NC
8/9/2016 – w/ Unholy Sights, Invincible Summer, Mantis Toboggan @ The Sidebar Baltimore,MD
8/15/2016 – w/ Hurl Yeah, EASY @ Marty’s PM Birmingham,AL
8/172016 – w/ UV-TV, CURLEYS, CHANNEL 9 @ The Backyard @ Boca Fiesta & Palomino Gainesville,FL


Weekly Update 7/26/2016

Zappa and cat

So we are a day late with this update but whatever. We had a blast at the Tittie Thyme event last Saturday thanks to them and everyone that came out to the Pop Up Shop and the Show. Gonna try and do more things like that to get out there and sling the tapes to the people. We also made a physical catalog for Summer 2016 preview below. If you order online we’ll throw one of these in with your order.

Jon David of Evil Virgins has started what some might call a impossible feat. He is attempting to record 270 songs one a day for the next nine months he is already 20 songs in. You should follow along on his bandcamp. We are in talks about putting this into some sort of physical release but nothing is set in stone just yet. But you should help cheer him on cause if he completes it that will be a real triumph.

Alright this is where the action is this week.

7/27/2016 – Mannequin Pussy, Stove, Poster, and Swept @ Spacebar
7/30/2016 – Golden Pelicans, Tight Genes, Wet Nurse, and 2real double tour kick off @ Uncle Lou’s
7/30/2016 – Thee Wilt Chamberlain, Moon Jelly, Maximino, and Auto Chlor @ Will’s Pub

Weekly Update 7/18/2016

Cash and Kitten

How you freaks doing? it’s that time again. Time for all you to get up to date on all the goings on over here at HQ. This week we will be part of the Rainbow Fish Double Feature / Tittie Thyme’s 11th Release. We will be posted up at Stardust Coffee & Video from 6pm-10-pm on Saturday the 23rd. We will we slinging all the tapes & records we have in stock plus some rando stuff we got laying around. There will also be a little raffle we will be holding for a super special tape deck all you need to do to enter is to sign up for our mailing list. More info on the raffle and details on the prize will be released in the coming days leading up to the weekend so be sure to follow us on all the things. Come out and buy some stuff then roll with us to Uncle Lou’s for the second part of the night featuring performances from Me Chinese, Thee Wilt Chamberlain, The Woolly Bushmen, Soapbox Soliloquy, and Pasty Cline. It’s gonna be a pretty epic day and you’d be quite the fool to miss out.

In other Godless fam news Sad Fish just dropped their video for ‘Nights’ off their new cassette ‘Never 2 Cool 2 Dance‘ peep it below.

And last but not least your guide to getting down this week.

7/19/2016 – Similar Prisoners & Secret Tracers @ Will’s Pub
7/23/2016 – Rainbow Fish Double Feature / Tittie Thyme’s 11th Release w/ Me Chinese, Thee Wilt Chamberlain, The Woolly Bushmen, Soapbox Soliloquy, and Pasty Cline @ Stardust Coffee & Video/Uncle Lou’s
7/24/2016 – Slumberjack, Evil Virgins, and Hello Joyce @ New World Brewery

Weekly Update 7/11/2016


Never forget 7/11 was a part time job. Big Brother is watching trying to divide us. These are very strange times never before have we been so connected. Raw information delivered in real time. No filter or lense applied. Just facts left for you to form your own opinion. Always remember to think for yourself and no one else.


A couple of days ago I got the pleasure to see Me Chinese play for the first time in awhile. They were killer but more importantly. Through some backdoor dealing I was able to get my hands on some copies of their long since sold out ‘Shaving’ cassette and some sweet button packs which I’ll throw in with every order. These are available in the store now. But you better act fast because these are sure to grow legs. Continue reading

Weekly Update 7/4/2016


Happy Freedom Day everybody. We hope your day was filled with explosions, beers, burgers, and buddies. These are strange times indeed but that never stops the party. Summer’s in full swing and its hot as hell down here in Florida but that’s just the way we like it. We are hard a work on a bunch of new things for you not much I’m at liberty to talk about at this time. But trust me its some exciting shit so be sure to check back in on us.

So here is where all the boppers will be this week…

7/6/2016 – Punk on the Patio w/ Golden Pelicans, Autarx, and Vicious Dreams @ The Patio
7/7/2016 – Me Chinese, The Palmettes, Casaveda, and Jack Romanov @ Wills’s Pub
/8/2016 – Sad Jeremy, Draem Girl, Happy To See You, Bagel, and RV @ Uncle Lou’s

That’s it for this week. Always remember the best America is a Godless America.