Weekly Update 7/26/2016

Zappa and cat

So we are a day late with this update but whatever. We had a blast at the Tittie Thyme event last Saturday thanks to them and everyone that came out to the Pop Up Shop and the Show. Gonna try and do more things like that to get out there and sling the tapes to the people. We also made a physical catalog for Summer 2016 preview below. If you order online we’ll throw one of these in with your order.

Jon David of Evil Virgins has started what some might call a impossible feat. He is attempting to record 270 songs one a day for the next nine months he is already 20 songs in. You should follow along on his bandcamp. We are in talks about putting this into some sort of physical release but nothing is set in stone just yet. But you should help cheer him on cause if he completes it that will be a real triumph.

Alright this is where the action is this week.

7/27/2016 – Mannequin Pussy, Stove, Poster, and Swept @ Spacebar
7/30/2016 – Golden Pelicans, Tight Genes, Wet Nurse, and 2real double tour kick off @ Uncle Lou’s
7/30/2016 – Thee Wilt Chamberlain, Moon Jelly, Maximino, and Auto Chlor @ Will’s Pub

Weekly Update 7/18/2016

Cash and Kitten

How you freaks doing? it’s that time again. Time for all you to get up to date on all the goings on over here at HQ. This week we will be part of the Rainbow Fish Double Feature / Tittie Thyme’s 11th Release. We will be posted up at Stardust Coffee & Video from 6pm-10-pm on Saturday the 23rd. We will we slinging all the tapes & records we have in stock plus some rando stuff we got laying around. There will also be a little raffle we will be holding for a super special tape deck all you need to do to enter is to sign up for our mailing list. More info on the raffle and details on the prize will be released in the coming days leading up to the weekend so be sure to follow us on all the things. Come out and buy some stuff then roll with us to Uncle Lou’s for the second part of the night featuring performances from Me Chinese, Thee Wilt Chamberlain, The Woolly Bushmen, Soapbox Soliloquy, and Pasty Cline. It’s gonna be a pretty epic day and you’d be quite the fool to miss out.

In other Godless fam news Sad Fish just dropped their video for ‘Nights’ off their new cassette ‘Never 2 Cool 2 Dance‘ peep it below.

And last but not least your guide to getting down this week.

7/19/2016 – Similar Prisoners & Secret Tracers @ Will’s Pub
7/23/2016 – Rainbow Fish Double Feature / Tittie Thyme’s 11th Release w/ Me Chinese, Thee Wilt Chamberlain, The Woolly Bushmen, Soapbox Soliloquy, and Pasty Cline @ Stardust Coffee & Video/Uncle Lou’s
7/24/2016 – Slumberjack, Evil Virgins, and Hello Joyce @ New World Brewery

Weekly Update 7/11/2016


Never forget 7/11 was a part time job. Big Brother is watching trying to divide us. These are very strange times never before have we been so connected. Raw information delivered in real time. No filter or lense applied. Just facts left for you to form your own opinion. Always remember to think for yourself and no one else.


A couple of days ago I got the pleasure to see Me Chinese play for the first time in awhile. They were killer but more importantly. Through some backdoor dealing I was able to get my hands on some copies of their long since sold out ‘Shaving’ cassette and some sweet button packs which I’ll throw in with every order. These are available in the store now. But you better act fast because these are sure to grow legs. Continue reading

Weekly Update 7/4/2016


Happy Freedom Day everybody. We hope your day was filled with explosions, beers, burgers, and buddies. These are strange times indeed but that never stops the party. Summer’s in full swing and its hot as hell down here in Florida but that’s just the way we like it. We are hard a work on a bunch of new things for you not much I’m at liberty to talk about at this time. But trust me its some exciting shit so be sure to check back in on us.

So here is where all the boppers will be this week…

7/6/2016 – Punk on the Patio w/ Golden Pelicans, Autarx, and Vicious Dreams @ The Patio
7/7/2016 – Me Chinese, The Palmettes, Casaveda, and Jack Romanov @ Wills’s Pub
/8/2016 – Sad Jeremy, Draem Girl, Happy To See You, Bagel, and RV @ Uncle Lou’s

That’s it for this week. Always remember the best America is a Godless America.


Weekly Update 6/27/2016

godless america

Hello you hungry freaks today is a pretty special day it marks the 50th Anniversary of The Mothers of Invention’s first record Freak Out! This is one of my all time favorite albums and has had a huge impact on my life and how I live it. Sometimes I wonder just what Frank would be doing if he were alive today and that is generally what inspires me.  So if you have never given him a chance Freak Out! is a solid and natural place to start. Miles and decades ahead of its time with satire so sharp it will cut you to pieces.

This week we got a bunch of great stuff going on and we are here to tell you where to get your rage on.

6/28/2016 – Vita Luna Cafe (Soft Opening) – cool new Co-Op space opening on Mills Ave.
6/29/2016 – Mea Culpa(New Orleans), Tight Genes, Manic & the Depressives, and Radicalized Youth @ Uncle Lou’s
7/1/2016 – Kool Keith @ Will’s Pub
7/1-2/2016 – Dad Joke Punk Mess 2 – tons of amazing bands plus these rad FL bands Rubbish(Gainesville FL), Exit Dust(Gainsville FL), The Mold(Jacksonville FL), Soda(Gainesville FL), Tight Genes(Orlando FL), The Areolas(Orlando Fl), Post Teens(Gainesville FL) @ The Jinx & Sulfur Studios
7/2/2016 – Quintron And Miss Pussycat(New Orleans), Golden Pelicans, and Moon Jelly @ Will’s Pub

Keep it sleazy and smell you later.

Weekly Update 6/20/2016

Godless Summer Fun

Well boys and girls it’s time again. This past week has been taxing in many ways but I’m proud of our city. But I could use a good nap if you know what I mean. Too bad it’s the Summer and sleep is few and far between.

So where should you be this week?

6/20/2016 – Kilo Tango, Sad Jeremy, Gutless and RV @ Uncle Lou’s
6/22/2016 – Evil Virgins, Mantra Love, and Anjelica Becton @ Cosmic Vinyl
6/23/2016 – The Welzeins, Mantra Love and The Woolly Bushmen @ Will’s Pub
6/25/2016 – Murder Junkies Farewell Tour with Moonmen From Mars, Room Full of Strangers, American Party Machine, 13 Pints and Taped Fist @ Will’s Pub
6/25/2016 – The WildTones and The Palmettes @ The Falcon

Hang in there folks we got some super awesome stuff in the works still to come this year. Pop Up Shops, Videos, Cassette Players, Showcases, and of course lots of Tapes. So be sure to follow us on all the medias and join the mailing list to get all the fresh squeezed juicy gossip.

Sad Fish joins the Family

Sad Fish Brazilian Psychedelic Surf from Atlanta, GA. ‘Never 2 Cool 2 Dance’ comes out today feast your ears.

They are currently out on the road with Loudermilk & Moon.
6/16/2016  –  Gainesville,FL @ Hardback Cafe – w/ Loudermilk & Moon, Duchess
6/19/2016  –  Jacksonville,FL @ The Headlamp – w/ Loudermilk & Moon, The Lifeforms
6/22/2016  –  Charlotte, NC @ The Umstead House – w/ Loudermilk & Moon, Meadowview

Weekly Update 6/13/2016


Well it’s time for the update and it’s pretty hard to write something. With the spotlight brightly shining on Orlando since yesterday. I’m conflicted because we’ve been working for years to bring more attention to Orlando. Then just over night we are on the front page of every newspaper at the top of all the news feeds. And for what? A horrific tragedy were tens of people were shot down for nothing more than the beliefs of one deranged individual. One who was known to the FBI that are constantly wanting to gain more and more of our privacy but somehow couldn’t piece this one together  with all the information you could possibly want. This isn’t the first or last time the incompetence of our governing powers has been shown. The other maddening thing is all the spin of the media all the vultures flying in to try to twist or turn this situation to better their ratings or further their political career.

Normally people look at us Godless people with disdain like we are the monsters when it is them who are the monsters. That raise their children around the belief that homosexuality is ungodly and those who practice it will be punished. This is true of both Religions that so often blame each other of the same crimes. The same is true if you are a Christian or a Muslim it is ingrained in you from an early age that homosexuality is wrong. If people could move away from these beliefs and love people unconditionally unreliant on creed or orientation then we would for sure see a better world. As I’ve said before a Godless America really wouldn’t be that bad of a thing.

The thing that has made me proud is the reaction of the city I love. The love and compassion and most importantly we have not let this stop us in our tracks. We have not let them win today is just like any other day in my neighborhood. So with that I will continue onto our regularly scheduled programming. Continue reading

Weekly Update 6/6/2016

Howdy Freaks,

Well today as us here in Florida have batten down the hatches and hunkered down or whatever other clever catch phrase the local meteorologist has coined this week. The sky’s have turned to gray and there is that lingering feeling like at any minute the sky could open up and rain down its wrath. But so far that hasn’t happened even though every inch of the 7.5 mile bike ride to my day job today I was anticipating getting wet. This setting is almost the prefect way to come out of last weekend which saw a hurricane of punk bands and fans blow through the Mills/50 area. Friday night it seemed like every one of our friends we knew far and wide all ended up in my house for a rager that lasted well into the dawn. Topped with scattered bodies sleeping in the morning when I had to make that commute I alluded to previously. So its all very fitting that mother nature has sent in the cleaning crew to wash away the filth.

We got a new tape coming out by Sad Fish from ATL there EP ‘Never 2 Cool 2 Dance’ will drop on 6/18 peep this track.

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Weekly Update 6/2/2016

Hey party people this update clocking in a little late this week. With the temperatures peaking into the mid 90’s already the party machine called Summer is totally up and running. So naturally things have started to pick up leaving less time for us to sit in the A/C and type away on our keyboards. So lets recap unless you have been living under a rock you probably know that last weekend was Memorial Day Weekend and of course followed by Monday which was the Holiday. We had a event on Monday which featured the amazing Naked Naps + the twin touring forces of State Champion & Fever Hands and our very own Sad Jeremy and Radicalized Youth. It was a blast and if you missed any of these touring bands well then bub you missed out.

This week we are pleased to announce the newest cassette on Godless America from Melbourne Florida’s finest Evil Virgins with their debut LP ‘EV’ which will be available tomorrow June 3rd for grips online also available direct from the band. These dudes are some serious up and coming rippers to keep you eyes on, peep their track ‘Run Away’ streaming now.

Evil Virgins

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