Weekly Update 6/13/2016


Well it’s time for the update and it’s pretty hard to write something. With the spotlight brightly shining on Orlando since yesterday. I’m conflicted because we’ve been working for years to bring more attention to Orlando. Then just over night we are on the front page of every newspaper at the top of all the news feeds. And for what? A horrific tragedy were tens of people were shot down for nothing more than the beliefs of one deranged individual. One who was known to the FBI that are constantly wanting to gain more and more of our privacy but somehow couldn’t piece this one together ¬†with all the information you could possibly want. This isn’t the first or last time the incompetence of our governing powers has been shown. The other maddening thing is all the spin of the media all the vultures flying in to try to twist or turn this situation to better their ratings or further their political career.

Normally people look at us Godless people with disdain like we are the monsters when it is them who are the monsters. That raise their children around the belief that homosexuality is ungodly and those who practice it will be punished. This is true of both Religions that so often blame each other of the same crimes. The same is true if you are a Christian or a Muslim it is ingrained in you from an early age that homosexuality is wrong. If people could move away from these beliefs and love people unconditionally unreliant on creed or orientation then we would for sure see a better world. As I’ve said before a Godless America really wouldn’t be that bad of a thing.

The thing that has made me proud is the reaction of the city I love. The love and compassion and most importantly we have not let this stop us in our tracks. We have not let them win today is just like any other day in my neighborhood. So with that I will continue onto our regularly scheduled programming.

Evil Virgins(Melbourne,FL) will be playing at Cosmic Vinyl in Titusville on Wednesday with KYLE(Savannah,GA), Expert Timing(Orlando,FL), and Sundiver(Kansas CIty,MI). Then on Thursday you should catch Swept(Lakeland,FL) playing at Spacebar with The Knick Knacks(Melbourne,FL), Dummerbunnies(Orlando,FL), and The Zigs(Orlando,FL) *all money made from this event will be donated to victims of the Mass Shooting. Then kicking off the weekend on Friday Rehasher is playing St. Matt’s with Teen Agers, Suck Brick Kid, and Vicious Dreams if you are into Pop Punk there is no reason you should miss this also all money from this event will be donated to The Center Orlando to help with the victims of the Mass Shooting. Then finishing out the week on Sunday Max Pain and the Groovies(SLC) are playing Will’s Pub with Foul Shots¬†that’s our recommendations for shows this week.