Weekly Update 6/6/2016

Howdy Freaks,

Well today as us here in Florida have batten down the hatches and hunkered down or whatever other clever catch phrase the local meteorologist has coined this week. The sky’s have turned to gray and there is that lingering feeling like at any minute the sky could open up and rain down its wrath. But so far that hasn’t happened even though every inch of the 7.5 mile bike ride to my day job today I was anticipating getting wet. This setting is almost the prefect way to come out of last weekend which saw a hurricane of punk bands and fans blow through the Mills/50 area. Friday night it seemed like every one of our friends we knew far and wide all ended up in my house for a rager that lasted well into the dawn. Topped with scattered bodies sleeping in the morning when I had to make that commute I alluded to previously. So its all very fitting that mother nature has sent in the cleaning crew to wash away the filth.

We got a new tape coming out by Sad Fish from ATL there EP ‘Never 2 Cool 2 Dance’ will drop on 6/18 peep this track.

So lately we have been hyping shows to go to in Orlando but this weekend Laundr-o-Cat alley cat bike race is taking place. Its been a long time since Orlando had an alley cat and trust us the people putting this one together know what they are doing and this is bound to be an epic event. Don’t be intimidated this race is for everybody so get that bike out and come have a blast.

On the shows front its a bit of a lite week there was a super last minute announcement of a show with Sink Tapes(New Brunswick,NJ) & Gov Club(Jacksonville,FL) @ St. Matt’s this Thursday the 9th locals are still TBA at this point but this would be something to check out. That pretty much wraps it up for this week see you next week.