Weekly Update 7/26/2016

Zappa and cat

So we are a day late with this update but whatever. We had a blast at the Tittie Thyme event last Saturday thanks to them and everyone that came out to the Pop Up Shop and the Show. Gonna try and do more things like that to get out there and sling the tapes to the people. We also made a physical catalog for Summer 2016 preview below. If you order online we’ll throw one of these in with your order.

Jon David of Evil Virgins has started what some might call a impossible feat. He is attempting to record 270 songs one a day for the next nine months he is already 20 songs in. You should follow along on his bandcamp. We are in talks about putting this into some sort of physical release but nothing is set in stone just yet. But you should help cheer him on cause if he completes it that will be a real triumph.

Alright this is where the action is this week.

7/27/2016 – Mannequin Pussy, Stove, Poster, and Swept @ Spacebar
7/30/2016 – Golden Pelicans, Tight Genes, Wet Nurse, and 2real double tour kick off @ Uncle Lou’s
7/30/2016 – Thee Wilt Chamberlain, Moon Jelly, Maximino, and Auto Chlor @ Will’s Pub