Weekly Update 8/23/2016


We’ve been slacking on updates for the past week or two mainly because I’ve been slammed putting the final touches on our next release Radicalized Youth ‘Extended Play’ EP. On top of that we just wrapped on the music video for ‘Majoring in Nothing’ off the tape. We got together with Zampano Films for the project we all had blast making the video. Although a few days ago Dusty (a.k.a. the great Zampano) was a victim of a break-in which lead to him losing many of tools needed to create including thousands of dollars in cameras and lenses. They like most people weren’t thinking about things like renter’s insurance and the like until something tragic like this happens. They have a gofundme up right now and it’s already raised quite a bit of scratch so we urge you donate if you can. Luckily our footage was not lost in heist but due to the loss of computers for editing we can’t really say when the world will get to see the final product.


What we can say is that we hope you don’t forget this September 11th to go to the 9/11 Anti-False Flag Fest in Orlando. There is gonna be vegan food, Meats, kegs of beer, and tons of Woke AF bands like Radicalized Youth, Sacred Owls, CHEW, Sun Signs, Pizza Nightmare, Timothy Eerie…. and more. This will be the release show for ‘Extended Play’ so get there early to get all the things.

The heat on the streets this week.
8/25/2016 – Talk Sick Brats, Tight Genes, Manic & The Depressives @ Uncle Lou’s
8/26/2016 – The Areolas last show for awhile @ Copper Rocket Pub
8/27/2016 – Ugly Orange Presents: Death Tremors, Evil Virgins, Steven Marshek Group @ Spacebar
8/27 2016 – Autarx, Brunch Sluts, Burn to Learn, 2real @ Uncle Lou’s