Cherry Cheeks Cassettes out now

Really excited to finally be able to put these out into the world. I’ve known Kyle(Cherry Cheeks) for years now and have put out tapes for plenty of bands he’s played drums in Me Chinese, Tele & The Ghost of Our Lord, and Pasty Cline. But this is the first time putting out something that is 100% him.

The first EP Motivator came out back in April and I remember it blowing my wig back the first time I heard it. I’m a sucker for all this Devo worship shit that is bubbling up in the underground. It was hitting a lot of buttons for me and I loved the snark in the subject matter and lyrics.

Then literally the next month he drops EP number two No Ticket.

It was another four song slapper and with a sense that this thing could be evolving. Minimum Wage is probably my favorite track but they all bump. I believe it was around this time we first started talking about making these things into a real physical product.

We decided to put them both out at the same time in a super limited run to see what would happen. Naturally, we chose a cherry red cassette loaded with high-bias chrome tape that is double-struck pad printed with white imprint limited to 25 copies of each release each hand-numbered.

Due to the pandemic and its impact on the supply change not to mention the fact that NAC isn’t even selling tapes right now. This means you have to import and needless to say, it ended up taking eight whole weeks to get the tapes for these releases, such is life. But they are finally here and they are moving fast so if you want in on this don’t sleep.

Annual Evaluation 2019

As we edge ever closer to the end of this year I think its only right to review all the things we accomplished this year and give you some insight into tapes we did put out this year.

We came out slinging back in March with Tongues of Fire and their LP ‘Everybody Hates Us’ which judging from the fact that we are currently sold-out on the site and I don’t even think you can get one from the band at this point. Maybe a repress is in order, let us know if that is something you would want to see in 2020.

Hand-Numbered C32 Black Shell with Red Imprinting Full-Color J-card insert with liner notes also includes a download code. First Pressing 100 copies
Official Music Video for ‘Sunburn’ Directed by John Bolden Produced by John Bolden, Lowell Hobbs, and Riley Rowland

Fast-forward to June and we put out probably one of the most out-there tapes currently on the label. When Hyperlink! sent in his demo I wasn’t sure what to think but the description he used in his email caught my attention and I figured what the hell I’ll give it a spin. After hearing it I didn’t know quite how to describe it to other people but I did know that I wanted to be apart of this new shit.

 I am an Orlando based producer with a deep love for chaotic punk, hard-ass hip-hop, and weird shit that makes people uncomfortable. I present to you my first full length album – Preparation H. It is a 22-track instrumental album in the vein of Donuts by J Dilla, but the main difference being I pulled my sample sources from old obscure (and not so obscure) punk and avant-garde samples (and Fleetwood Mac) which are then chopped and manipulated to all hell. The tracks are short for the most part as the album is meant to be listened to in one whole sitting. With the help of vocal soundbites pulled from movies and miscellaneous internet media from the dingiest corners of Youtube, the album tells a loose story of identity and expressing oneself no matter how weird one may feel while doing so. 

this was the what Hyperlink! said in the email
limited to 50 Red C-46 cassettes with metallic gold imprinting full-color J-card hand-numbered includes download code

Then it turned out that audio wasn’t the only thing Hyperlink! was capable of manipulating he also put together this series of seizure-inducing visuals.

Official Music Video for ‘Violent Vaporwave’
Official Music Video for ‘Louder Than Words’
Visuals by @thatonekidnamedalex
Official Music Video for ‘Swamp Gas’
Visuals by @thatonekidnamedalex
Official Music Video for ‘Cupcakes’
Visuals by @thatonekidnamedalex

Finally, the last thing we ended up putting out this year was our annual Cassette Store Day Release the Godless America Mixtape. This year saw the release of volume 6 containing 27 tracks featuring artists from such exotic places as Portland, OR, Oakland, CA, Orlando, FL, Durham, NC, Halifax N.S, Canada, Chicago, IL, Philadelphia, PA, St. Petersburg, FL, Palm Bay, FL Sunbury, PA, Phoenix, AZ, Prince Edward Island, Canada, Doylestown, OH, and New Jersey. Over an hour of music from the sub-underground we are pretty sure you haven’t heard yet.

Hand-Numbered C77 Metallic Red Foil Cassette with White imprinting 4-panel full-color J-card with Hand-Stamped download code inside of a red-tinted Norelco box.

You can find all these cassettes in our Store and on Bandcamp we would like to thank every one of you that ordered a tape this year or even just listened it means the world to us. Also, we would like to thank all the amazing artists and friends we get to help promote and hopefully expose to all you loyal freaks out there. Thanks again for all the support and let’s make 2020 the best year yet for Godless America.

Submissions are now open for Godless America Mixtape Vol. 6

It’s that time of year again for mixtape madness. Submissions are now open for Godless America Mixtape Vol. 6 an Official Cassette Store Day 2019 release. If you ever wanted to get on one of our tapes now is your chance. We craft these curated cassettes every year for Cassette Store Day using only the songs we receive during our call for open submissions. This year submissions will run from July 1st – August 31st.

All songs, styles, and peoples are welcome we will listen to everything. No promise it will make it on the tape but we do review every entry. There is no limit to how many songs you can submit. But we usually will only use one song per artist to keep it fair and balanced. So send us your best shit.

Let’s make this one the best one yet! Can’t wait to hear what everyone has been working on. All you have to do is fill out the form below.


Out Today – Hyperlink! – Preparation H

Preparation H by Hyperlink! is an album firmly rooted in the hip-hop beat tape tradition of sample-based loops while vehemently sticking to the attitude, posture, and ethos of punk rock, and is what happens when a kid raised on The Ramones grows up to idolize crate-digging masters such as Madlib, DJ Shadow, J Dilla, and Kanye West. This collection of short (and not so short) tracks clash together with a plunderphonics-type incongruity, mixing guitar-based punk with more avant-garde and downright strange compositions. With the help of movie sound bites and other random internet media, the album tells a loose narrative of expressing one’s self no matter how uncomfortable it may make you or anyone around you feel. But even if you don’t give half a shit about that, it’s still, at its core, a fun and provocative time with a little bit of something for everyone. Hyperlink! himself hopes this album would be the soundtrack to your next skate sesh, graffiti run, or backseat fucking.

Track 2: Louder Than Words
Track 6: Cupakes
Track 7: Swamp Gas
Track 21: Violent Vaporwave

Modern Mixtape Vol. 1 a Wet Nurse Tour gift

Today Godless America alumni Wet Nurse kick off their 2019 Canadian Adventure tour we have been friends for almost a decade now. From playing with Nina in Tam Tam The Sandwich Man & The Magical Sugar Cookies and Susana in ButterQueen to sharing a home with the twins for the better part of ten years. They have become more like my adopted family after I washed up on the streets of Orlando back in 2006.

I am so super proud of them and all the things they have accomplished since we cut that first EP together back in 2010 in the living room of iLLHouse. Now they have a brand new EP out on State Champion Records and they are on their way to playing Pouzza Fest in Montreal. Complete dates listed below.

Back in March I ended up moving out of iLLHouse now it wasn’t far just up the street but this is the first time in a while that they are leaving for a tour and I’m not gonna be the guy taking care of Walter(Nina’s cat) and the house. I felt that it was only right to make them a very special mixtape for the van. Modern Mixtape Vol. 1 is the first in what I hope to be a series of new mixtapes which will mainly be online playlists but crafted in the style of classic mixtapes. Each playlist will be made into a one-off physical cassette and gifted to somebody. This tape was given to Wet Nurse right before they left for tour. You can listen to the whole mixtape in the Youtube playlist below there are links in the description for Spotify and Google Play Music.

Modern Mixtape Vol. 1 Playlist

Tongues of Fire – Everyone Hates Us

The Ides of March are quickly approaching and we are proud to present our first release of 2019. We’ve had our eye on Asheville North Carolina’s Tongues of Fire since they first started popping in down here in the sunshine state a couple years ago. They quickly started to turn some influential heads in the city beautiful and little birds all over town were tweeting you gotta see these dudes live!

So naturally after fellow Godless family the Bubble Boys starting swapping sweat and shows with these mountain misfits we all became fast friends. They submitted a track for Godless America Mixtape Vol. 5 and we started talking about working together in the future.

Most bands fit cleanly within a genre but Tongues of Fire don’t. At their heart they are a punk band, their shows are unhinged, the music is straightforward and hard-hitting, there is no trace of pomp or excessiveness but they are accessible and there is a well-crafted feel to their songs. The melodies are catchy, production clean and the instrumentals deceptively complex. They have many contemporaries and influences like PUP, Surf Cuse, Bloc Party and The Fall of Troy but can’t be compared to them. There aren’t bands out there that are like Tongues of Fire. They are themselves, and far beyond driven to spread this to the world.

Well folks the future is now! Its been a long bumpy ride on the road to making this album but we made it and we hope you dig it too.

Pre-Order Today! First 30 people to buy this cassette get a personal song written for them by the band. But that clock is ticking down to the street date March 1st, 2019 so you better grip now or cry later.

Tongues of Fire will also be hitting the road in support of this release blazing a trail all the way to SXSW and back.

Happy Cassette Store Day!!

Dig on our Official Cassette Store Day Release

Godless America Mixtape Vol. 5

Featuring 25 tracks spanning garage rock, doo-wop, experimental, no wave, lo-fi, punk, rock & roll, psychedelic rock, avant-garde, and art rock.

Bands representing Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Iowa, Washington, and California

Tele & The Ghost of Our Lord

Mouth Reader

Tyler Reinholt


Pasty Cline

Santa Ana Knights

Bubble Boys


Slime Queen

Jumbo Jade & The Macho Men

Broken Machine Films

Vein Cranes

LunchBox President

Seal Pup

Radicalized Youth

Fun Isn’t Fair

Red Tank!

Porn Bloopers

Solitary Debate

Channel 83


Beer & Pretzels


Tongues of Fire

Steve Hill 

Check out the super-cut side samplers below

Now available for purchase in our store.

Bubble Boys about to Pop!

Bubble Boys Pre-Order for Sticky Sitch is now live! So go lay claim to your copy today ahead of the official release Friday the 13th. This Nickelodeon orange C18 cassette with white imprinting complete with full-color double-sided J-card inside a black Norelco case. Featuring 8 brand new bangers from Orlando’s own kings of suds.

 The release show for this cassette is gonna be off the chain. Calling all freaks don’t miss this once in a lifetime experience and bring your dollars & dancing shoes.

Godless America Mixtape Vol. 4 Order Now!


Pre-Order Now! Ships 10/14/2017

an Official Cassette Store Day 2017 release

Crafted like a mixtape to the world. Not just some compilation of bands. It’s an audio journey thru the swampy underground of Godless America. Limited release no repress.

releases October 14, 2017

Broken Machine Films –
Tele & The Ghost of Our Lord –
R. Stevie Moore –
Channel 83 –
Dino Felipe –
Sad Fish –
Sam Larson –
Shawn Holley –
Dari Bay –
Half Indian Rider –
Turner Turner –
M.A.Z.E. –
Y.E.S. –
The Sex Towels –
The Plodes –
Bubble Boys –
Really Fast Horses –
Loafers –
Room Full of Strangers –
Varma Cross –
The Rotten Mangos –
The Village Bicycle –
Taryn Roberts –

Mastered for Cassette by Kramer