Blackest Black Friday Sale

Blackest Black Friday Sale

Even though we hate everything that Black Friday stands for we have to give the people what they want. So we have activated a promo code for our store that will get you 50% off everything the code is good until Midnight on 11/28/2015. Also every order made before 12/15/2015 will include a free Godless America Mixtape Vol. 1 while supplies last. There is a bunch of new goodies up in the store so if you were holding out for any reason now’s the time to scoop up all those dope tapes at bargain basement prices.


Also you have 11 days left to get your orders in for the Official Godless America T-Shirt. We know it says it needs a certain number yet to print but have no fear a little birdie told us that those shirts are gonna print come hell or high water. So you can place your order with confidence that the campaign will in fact go to print.


Plus we just put these 3″ embroidered patches up on the Merch page. Now you can join the gang and show the world just how misunderstood you are. Slap this guy on your sick leather or punk vest and show your support for your favorite underground cassette syndicate.