Uncle Mill’s Memorial Monday Madness


Come out tomorrow Memorial Day and make some memories with us. We are be cooking up the flavor and the jams so come out early so you can taste everything. So try not to get too day drunk and even if you do try to stumble in early to get some grub in your tum tum so you can continue to party till the break of dawn. We have 3 bands coming in from such exotic places as Raleigh, North Carolina and Louisville, Kentucky not to mention or very own Jacksonville buds are coming down. Tapes & shirts will be on deck so bring that cheddar.


Sad Jeremy joins the family

Sad Jeremy is leaving the bedroom to rock a barroom near you check out the video for his single ‘Sorry’ off his new cassette ‘Bite Me’ coming out May 27th. If you are in Orlando on May 30th you can catch his first show opening for
Naked Naps (North Carolina) ~ listen
State Champion (Kentucky/Illinois) ~ listen
Fever Hands (Jacksonville)
Radicalized Youth (Orlando) ~ listen

More info can be found on the Facebook Event Page

Godless America’s SXSW Wrap Up


So its been a few days since we have made it back from Austin for our showcases. Its taken some time to decompress and really take it all in. I still have trouble recalling everything that transpired over the 3 days of showcases in Texas smack dab in the middle of one of the biggest music conferences on earth.

We departed on Tuesday the 15th we settled on a 3 vehicle convoy consisting of Room Full of Strangers 15-passenger van, a rental van, and a honda hybrid. We loaded all the gear into the respective vehicles. We brought enough gear for what we joke that one of the venues could literally burned down and we would still be able to put on a show. The only thing we didn’t foresee happening was having our sound engineer ghost on us like 25 minutes before we were set to leave. Not like we were gonna let that stop us we just decided to split his duties among the remaining touring party. Continue reading

It’s Alive!

Godless America Mixtape Vol. 2

Well the day has finally come. We have been really putting the mustard on over here at HQ. Putting together not only these hand-crafted mixtapes and fancy CDs. but also putting together three strictly commercial showcases in Austin Texas. Spanning 5 stages in three distinct locations.
Thursday March 17th 7pm @ Iron Cactus
Friday March 18th 7pm @ Baker St. Pub
aturday March 19th 11am-2am @ Spider House

Manic and the Depressives Tour Journal: day 1

Hey everybody,

I am finally posting my tour journal. I guess this is just for all you curious cats who don’t get to go rolling around the country with a bunch of stinky punks in your van and wondered what it is like. Hopefully a peek into my perspective will satisfy some of your voyeuristic desires. This tour occurred in November. If you wanna read it here it comes. One day at a time….


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We found a dusty box of tapes you won’t believe what we found inside…

While cleaning around the house we stumbled upon a dusty box. When we opened it it was to our surprise that we had discovered some long lost copies of the now four year old split cassette with Chicken & Whiskey / Tam Tam The Sandwich Man & The Magical Sugar Cookies. These have been long out of print this was for a tour they did together way back in 2011. Tam Tam was headed  out to SXSW and Chicken & Whiskey split back off home after Houston.

Chicken & Whiskey – Fuck The State

Tam Tam The Sandwich Man & The Magical Sugar Cookies – Reading Rainbow

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Saucy Yoda Winter Tour & Dysfunctional Dingus Repress

Saucy Yoda Northwest Winter Tour

Saucy Yoda Photo credit: Bryon Phillips
Saucy Yoda Photo credit: Bryon Phillips

Lions, Turtles and Tulips Tour 2015

Dec. 5th – Anchorage, AK – Carousel Lounge w/ Myra Mains and The Midnight Son Drag Kings
Dec. 10th – Portland, OR – Starday Lounge w/ Gentle Bender
Dec. 12th – Portland, OR – Firken Tavern w/ Chocolate Cool but Rude & Polyglamoury
Dec. 12th – Portland, OR – PSU Campus – Gaz-Maskerade Party (Costume Extravaganza) w/ Cannabidroids, Brut, The Sexbots, Liquid Anthraxxx
Dec. 18th – Tacoma, WA – The Valley w/ Mirrorgloss & Garlic Man & Chicken and Vaughn
Dec. 19th – Bremerton, WA – Manette w/ White Girl Wasted & Dick Rossetti: Ex-Minor Celebritysaucy-yoda-tape Continue reading

Manic and the Depressives Vs. The Mold: Southeast Tour Itinerary Nov. 2015


11/11 Jacksonville, FL @ Raindogs

11/12 Savannah, GA @ Punk Mess Punk Fest – Dollhouse Production

11/13 Savannah, GA @ PMPF – The Jinx

11/14 Winston-Salem, NC @ Re-animator Records

11/15 Richmond, VA @ 25Watt

11/16 Knoxville, TN @ Pilot LIght

11/17 Chattanooga, TN @ Sluggos North

11/18 Memphis, TN @ Murphys

11/19 Birmingham, AL @ Tylers Basement aka Southside Lounge

11/20 Mobile, AL @ Blind Mule

11/21 New Orleans, LA @ Paulies

11/22 Pensacola, FL @ Sluggos South