Cherry Cheeks Cassettes out now

Really excited to finally be able to put these out into the world. I’ve known Kyle(Cherry Cheeks) for years now and have put out tapes for plenty of bands he’s played drums in Me Chinese, Tele & The Ghost of Our Lord, and Pasty Cline. But this is the first time putting out something that is 100% him.

The first EP Motivator came out back in April and I remember it blowing my wig back the first time I heard it. I’m a sucker for all this Devo worship shit that is bubbling up in the underground. It was hitting a lot of buttons for me and I loved the snark in the subject matter and lyrics.

Then literally the next month he drops EP number two No Ticket.

It was another four song slapper and with a sense that this thing could be evolving. Minimum Wage is probably my favorite track but they all bump. I believe it was around this time we first started talking about making these things into a real physical product.

We decided to put them both out at the same time in a super limited run to see what would happen. Naturally, we chose a cherry red cassette loaded with high-bias chrome tape that is double-struck pad printed with white imprint limited to 25 copies of each release each hand-numbered.

Due to the pandemic and its impact on the supply change not to mention the fact that NAC isn’t even selling tapes right now. This means you have to import and needless to say, it ended up taking eight whole weeks to get the tapes for these releases, such is life. But they are finally here and they are moving fast so if you want in on this don’t sleep.