Godless America’s SXSW Wrap Up


So its been a few days since we have made it back from Austin for our showcases. Its taken some time to decompress and really take it all in. I still have trouble recalling everything that transpired over the 3 days of showcases in Texas smack dab in the middle of one of the biggest music conferences on earth.

We departed on Tuesday the 15th we settled on a 3 vehicle convoy consisting of Room Full of Strangers 15-passenger van, a rental van, and a honda hybrid. We loaded all the gear into the respective vehicles. We brought enough gear for what we joke that one of the venues could literally burned down and we would still be able to put on a show. The only thing we didn’t foresee happening was having our sound engineer ghost on us like 25 minutes before we were set to leave. Not like we were gonna let that stop us we just decided to split his duties among the remaining touring party.

I rode the first league of the trip in the Strangers van which I am no stranger to. We drove straight till we made it to Slidell, LA where we stayed at a La Quinta INN. I got the short straw and ended up on the floor but after the epic smoke sesh I had with Noah of Tight Genes I could of slept on a bed of nails that night. We woke up relatively early that morning to continue our journey into Texas. We were trucking through Louisiana I even managed to find this sweet Truck Stop Comedy Cassette but shortly after this photo was taken was the beginning of the 6 hour hell we went through just to find a way to cross the border into Texas. You see we hadn’t really noticed all the signs saying the I-10 was closed at exit 4 until we were face to face with the National Guard. Its times like these were it really pays to be of the old school and have an analog map handy because all the smartphones couldn’t understand why we needed to head way north to go west because they weren’t smart enough to understand that all those roads were underwater. This added about 6 hours to our journey.


When finally penetrated the Texas border and made it to our motel which was in San Marcos which is about 30 minutes south of Austin. We did this because it was way cheaper and if you were smart about what time and which roads you choose you could get into Austin fairly easy. Now this wasn’t the fanciest digs but trust me it was way better then having to find floor space for 12 people every night.


The first showcase was at this place called the Iron Cactus not the one by the Alamo Draft House but the other one in North Austin or as we learned is sometimes referred to as South Dallas. This would explain why we had to hold back on the whole Godless America thing on this event. Which in retrospect I wish we would of just let our big dick swing in the wind because I think we would of maybe had more people show up even if it were just to see what these freaks were all about. They did treat us right.

march18thbaker street pub

The next showcases was at Baker Street Pub in South Austin we could feel the momentum building with each showcase. This turned out to be a lot of fun. All the bands were great and we had a fair amount of curious parties show up including my brother who happened to live in the area. All the juicy gossip was that the show at Spider House was gonna be one for the books which was nice to hear through the grapevine.




Finally the big boy this was the day of the Spider House Showcases the 3 Stages of Godlessness(which turned into 4 in just a days notice) this bad boy started at noon so we had to be there all bright eyed and bushy tailed around 10am after being out till around 4am the night before. Thank goodness there was a dope coffee truck in the parking lot serving that super dank cold brew see picture of me enjoying. I wish I could tell you everything that happened on this day but to be honest I kinda browned out after I played my set. I had such a tight butt hole up till this point just trying to make everything run smooth that it was about 8pm when I realized that there was over 1,500 people there and Bushwick Bill jumped up on stage with Sylvain Sylvain from the New York Dolls that all bets were off. This event was sponsored by Lone Star beer and Jim Beam which pretty much meant I got a wrist band that let me drink as much Lone Star as I could hold down. Which for a dude that only had 2 small breakfast tacos and cold brew all day. Lets just say I was shattered come 2am when the last band played.

I don’t think we will ever forget this journey it was awesome to be able to put something this big together and have it go off like it did. We are currently constructing plans for CMJ this year and there is very good chance we will be back in Austin come next year. Thanks all of you guys and gals that came out to the showcases and more importantly thank you to all the great Austin bands that played and helped us make something special.