Manic and the Depressives Tour Journal: day 1

Hey everybody,

I am finally posting my tour journal. I guess this is just for all you curious cats who don’t get to go rolling around the country with a bunch of stinky punks in your van and wondered what it is like. Hopefully a peek into my perspective will satisfy some of your voyeuristic desires. This tour occurred in November. If you wanna read it here it comes. One day at a time….


Day 1: Tour Kickoff Orlando


Well, everything started out groovy. Tons of people came out to send us away with a sweet rocking party. Golden Pelicans started off the festivities with their usual grace and eloquence. The kings of the scene humbly opening for the cool kids. After they finished blowing the lid off of the party Thee Wilt Chamberlain kept those cool kids dancing with the classiest surf rock in town. Tight Genes followed boiling the blood of everyone in attendance. Noah channeled Iggy and even almost pulled off a full split before rolling around and carrying on about Vietnam. It was beautiful. Secret Tracers played next, which I was pretty excited about since I’d never seen them before. Sludgy in the best way. A loud heavy psychedelic throwback to early Black Sabbath. The thunder rolled.

It was at this point that I ventured across the street for delicious shots of well whiskey. It was during this detour, to joyfully imbibe in farewell drinks with my compatriots, that Manic and the Depressives played at Lous. I missed their set because I was lollygagging at Wally’s. I didn’t feel too bad though, because Casey was too ill to play the drums, and they had to have Jonathan Maszy fill in, not to mention I was about to hear all of those songs every day for the next 2 weeks.

Casey has some sort of flu or stomach virus. It sucks to be incapacitated like that the day before going on tour. Hopefully he feels better tomorrow. He’s been pretty stoked about going on this adventure for weeks, and it’s a total bummer that it wound up starting like this. If we have to we’ll pull over every hour and let him shit and puke his brains out. Whatever it takes!

Tomorrow is the big day, Jacksonville will be the destination. Should be fuckin sweet. Rendeavous with The Mold, play at Raindogs for their farewell show before embarking on the sweetest tour in the southeast since… I dont know, some big important awesome tour that had a lasting impact on history, like Shermans march to the sea. LOL. See ya tomorrow tour journal. Love, Todd