Manic and the Depressives Tour Journal: Day 2

manic-jaxDay 2: Departure Day


Approximately 6:55pm


The van is packed, and we’re ready to Leave for Jacksonville. Casey is feeling much better, which I will take as a good omen. The van is JAM packed. Looks like a tour van to me.

Appx 8:30pm


We arrived in Jacksonville with plenty of time to spare. Good thing too, because there was limited parking. That is until we found out about all the free parking around back.  The show was good. People came out and seemed to have a nice time anyway. I was too busy playing connect four with my friend Justin, who showed up, to really notice. I forgot how addicting that game can be. Especially when drinking.

Appx 2:30am

After the show Kayo found a very special friend. It was a cinder block, which he named, and played with for more than a few minutes. After saying goodbye to the cinder block, who’s name I forget, and whom we had all grown fond of, we left Raindogs to go crash at Ryan from The Mold’s house. It was cool as fuck, almost like a punk themed Bennigans due to all the bad ass shit on the walls. Sleep was nice. It was a cozy floor.


Approximately 8:00am

Woke up early, like you do. Had to switch sides cause the floor had become a tad firm.

Heard Casey sighing, noticed he had the cold sweats. He didnt look too good. Hopefully he gets better by the time we get up. Knowing that there is nothing that could be done I rolled over and went back to sleep.