Manic & The Depressives

Manic & The Depressives - 'Morbid Fixations'
Manic & The Depressives – ‘Morbid Fixations’

Manic & The Depressives are new on the Orlando scene but the members are no stranger to the mean Mills streets. These kids either have or currently play in almost every punk band on Mill’s Ave including but not limited to Exit Bags, Tit Sweat, Tight Genes, Autarx, Back Pages, and Nuka Waves. If you get a chance I highly recommend you catch these guys live it will blow your head out of your ass and leave you sweaty and reeking of beer.

We made this tape for them so they would have something to sell on their trip to Miami plus the numerous other shows they have around town. They ended up blowing through all the copies we gave them at their one show in Miami. We just put up a super limited amount in the store for you people that live outside of Florida.

I would act fast cause these aren’t gonna last. Plus this will be coming out on In the Shit Records from Italy with 2 tracks not on this tape. So be the super cool kid that has the special addition featuring random colored cassettes and handwritten labels by the band themselves.

They are also gearing up for a tour in November with The Mold dates below:

11/11/2015 – Rain Dogs – Jacksonville,FL Event
11/12/2015 – Dad Joke’s Punk Fest Day 1 – Savannah,GA Event
11/13/2015 – Dad Joke’s Punk Fest Day 2 – Savannah,GA Event
11/14/2015 – Atlanta,GA
11/15/2015 – 25 Watt – Richmond,VA Event
11/16/2015 – Pilot Light – Knoxville,TN
11/17/2015 – Sluggo’s – Chattanooga,TN
11/18/2015 – Memphis,TN
11/19/2015 – Huntsville,AL
11/20/2015 – Blind Mule -Mobile,AL
11/21/2015 – Paulies – New Orleans,LA
11/22/2015 – Sluggo’s – Pensacola,FL

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