Out Today – Hyperlink! – Preparation H

Preparation H by Hyperlink! is an album firmly rooted in the hip-hop beat tape tradition of sample-based loops while vehemently sticking to the attitude, posture, and ethos of punk rock, and is what happens when a kid raised on The Ramones grows up to idolize crate-digging masters such as Madlib, DJ Shadow, J Dilla, and Kanye West. This collection of short (and not so short) tracks clash together with a plunderphonics-type incongruity, mixing guitar-based punk with more avant-garde and downright strange compositions. With the help of movie sound bites and other random internet media, the album tells a loose narrative of expressing one’s self no matter how uncomfortable it may make you or anyone around you feel. But even if you don’t give half a shit about that, it’s still, at its core, a fun and provocative time with a little bit of something for everyone. Hyperlink! himself hopes this album would be the soundtrack to your next skate sesh, graffiti run, or backseat fucking.

Track 2: Louder Than Words
Track 6: Cupakes
Track 7: Swamp Gas
Track 21: Violent Vaporwave