Tongues of Fire – Everyone Hates Us

The Ides of March are quickly approaching and we are proud to present our first release of 2019. We’ve had our eye on Asheville North Carolina’s Tongues of Fire since they first started popping in down here in the sunshine state a couple years ago. They quickly started to turn some influential heads in the city beautiful and little birds all over town were tweeting you gotta see these dudes live!

So naturally after fellow Godless family the Bubble Boys starting swapping sweat and shows with these mountain misfits we all became fast friends. They submitted a track for Godless America Mixtape Vol. 5 and we started talking about working together in the future.

Most bands fit cleanly within a genre but Tongues of Fire don’t. At their heart they are a punk band, their shows are unhinged, the music is straightforward and hard-hitting, there is no trace of pomp or excessiveness but they are accessible and there is a well-crafted feel to their songs. The melodies are catchy, production clean and the instrumentals deceptively complex. They have many contemporaries and influences like PUP, Surf Cuse, Bloc Party and The Fall of Troy but can’t be compared to them. There aren’t bands out there that are like Tongues of Fire. They are themselves, and far beyond driven to spread this to the world.

Well folks the future is now! Its been a long bumpy ride on the road to making this album but we made it and we hope you dig it too.

Pre-Order Today! First 30 people to buy this cassette get a personal song written for them by the band. But that clock is ticking down to the street date March 1st, 2019 so you better grip now or cry later.

Tongues of Fire will also be hitting the road in support of this release blazing a trail all the way to SXSW and back.